Find out more in this Bitesize Primary KS2 English guide. More example sentences ‘These junctions can be made atomically sharp and defect free, allowing for the production of high performance electronics integrated within each single nanostructure.’ 3 mass noun The action or fact of joining or being joined. He showed extraordinary energy, resource and military talent in stemming the advance of the royalists, who now followed up their victories by advancing into the association; he defeated them at Gainsborough on the 28th of July, and managed a masterly retreat before overwhelming numbers to Lincoln, while the victory on the 11th of October at Winceby finally secured the association, and maintained the wedge which prevented the junction of the royalists in the north with the king in the south. The capital is Chillan, and the only other important town is Bulnes, a railway junction and active commercial centre. Conjunctions List. definitions. She plans to move up to Grand Junction, so Donnie can be near me. S.) Amelie-Les-Bains, a watering-place of south-western France, in the department of Pyrenees-Orientales, at the junction of the Mondony with the Tech, 282 m. The SouthWestern Company owns the local railway stations (Town and Dock and Southampton West, besides suburban stations), but through connexions are made with the north by way of the Great Western and Great Central and the Midland and South-Western Junction railways. The river is not deep and can be forded in many places; the banks are fringed with thick bush and dom-palms. Outside Examples of Junction. John Campbell, after visiting Griqualand West for the London Missionary Society, traced the Harts river, and from its junction with the Vaal followed the latter stream to its confluence with the Orange, journeying thence by the banks of the Orange as far as Pella, in Little Namaqualand, discovering the great falls. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Junctions sentence examples At double-line junctions trains passing over the diamond crossings evidently block traffic going in the opposite direction to that in which they are travelling. ROERMOND, a town in the province of Limburg, Holland, on the right bank of the Maas at the confluence of the Roer, and a junction station 28 m. The Ili is formed by the junction of the Kunghez with the Tekez, and for 120 m. The district has an area of 10,504 acres and comprises; besides Mountain Ash proper, a string of villages, the chief being Cwmpenar, Penrhiwceiber, Abercynon or Aberdare Junction (at the confluence of the Cynon with the Taff) and Ynysybwl, 3 m. WANGARATTA, a town of Victoria, Australia, in the counties of Moira, Delatite and Bogong, at the junction of the Ovens and King rivers, 1452 m. The junction of the edges of the silver and copper-blend was treated with a flux of borax and the whole was submitted to the heat of a furnace until the silver was seen to be melting, when it was instantly removed, care being taken to avoid pressing upon the upper or lower surfaces, as the liquid silver in that case would have been squeezed out from between the two enclosing plates and the operation ruined. There are 19 example sentences for junction, and this page shows no. of London, on the Great Western and the Midland and South Western Junction railways. of the Eifel range, at the junction of railways from Cologne and Bonn and 10 m. At Inglesham, threequarters of a mile above Lechlade, the Thames and Severn canal has its junction with the Thames. It seems probable that, in a period geologically not very remote, the " Albertine " system will consist of one great river, extending from the northern slopes of the Kivu range, where the Ruchuru has its rise, to the existing junction of the Victoria Nile with Albert Nyanza. definitions. She was run down by a Jewish settler and shot by security forces. She was run down by a Jewish settler and shot by security forces. It's difficult to see junction in a sentence . There are four rivers of some importance in the province: the Pei-ho, with the Hun-ho, which rises in the mountains in Mongolia and, flowing to the west of Peking, forms a junction with the Pei-ho at Tientsin; the Shang-si-ho, which rises in the mountains on the north of the province of Shan-si, and takes a south-easterly course as far as the neighbourhood of Ki Chow, from which point it trends north-east and eventually joines the Hun-ho some 15 m. ZWOLLE, the capital of the province of Overysel, Holland, on the Zwarte Water, and a junction station 242 m. of Dusseldorf, on the main line of railway to Aix-la-Chapelle, and at the junction of lines to Crefeld and Stolberg. The Adige, formed by the junction of two streams—the Etsch or Adige proper and the Eisak, both of which belong to Tirol rather than to Italy—descends as far as Verona, where it enters the great plain, with a course from north to south nearly parallel to the rivers last described, and would seem likely to discharge its waters into those of the Po, but below Legnago it turns eastward and runs parallel to the Po for about 40 m., entering the Adriatic by an independent mouth about 8 m. Besides these international lines the most important are those from Milan to Turin (via Vercelli and via Alessandria), to Genoa via Tortona, to Bologna via Parma and Modena, to V~rona, and the shorter lines to the district of the lakes of Lombardy; from Turin to Genoa via Savona and via Alessandria; from Genoa to Savona and Ventimiglia along the Riviera, and along the south-west coast of Italy, via Sarzana (whence a line runs to Parma) to Pisa (whence lines run to Pistoia and Florence) and Rome; from Verona to Modena, and to Venice via Padua; from Bologna to Padtia, to Rimini (and thence along the north-east coast via Ancona, Castellammare Adriatico and Foggia to Brindisi and Otranto), and to Florence and Rome; from Rome to Ancona, to Castellammare Adriatico and to Naples; from Naples to Foggia, via Metaponto (with a junction for Reggio di Calabria), to Brindisi and to Reggio di Calabria. February 8, 2020 by admin Leave a Comment. The common conjunctions (and, but, for, or, nor, so, and yet) join the elements of a coordinate structure and are thus called coordinating conjunctions. When using conjunctions, make sure that all the parts of your sentences agree. It lies pleasantly in the narrow well-wooded valley of the Bulbourne, and is close to the Grand Junction canal. 10 editor-approved samples. ACRE, or AQUIRY, a river of Brazil and principal tributary of the Purus, rising on the Bolivian frontier and flowing easterly and northerly to a junction with the Purus at 8° 45' S. TALGARTH, a decayed market town in Breconshire, South Wales, situated on the Ennig near its junction with the Llynfi (a tributary of the Wye), with a station on the joint line of the Cambrian and Midland companies from Brecon to Three Cocks Junction (22 m. It is an important junction of the North-Eastern railway. The construction of large storage reservoirs was recommended, and this work was put in hand jointly by the New River, West Middlesex and Grand Junction companies at Staines on the Thames. The definition of a junction is a place where things join or cross. The allied army, raised by the junction of the Spanish troops in Galicia to 90,000, now concentrated near Toro, and moved towards the Pisuerga, when Joseph, blowing up the castle of Burgos, fell back behind the Ebro. The first army, with which was the Emperor, occupied the fortified camp at Drissa; the second army was retreating, trying to effect a junction with the first one from which it was said to be cut off by large French forces. TECUCI (Tecuciu), the capital of the Tecuci department of Rumania, picturesquely situated among wooded hills, on the right bank of the river Berlad, and at the junction of railways from Bacau, Bcrlad and Galatz. Others are the Waterloo & City (1898) running from the terminus of the South-Western railway without intermediate stations to the Bank; the Central London (1900), from the Bank to Shepherd's Bush, Hammersmith; and the Great Northern & City (1904) from Finsbury Park (which is an important suburban junction on the Great Northern railway) to Moorgate Street. 2. The 7th and 8th corps now at last effected their junction about Wurzburg, whither the army of the Main marched from Frankfurt to meet them. Did You Know? HAARLEM, a town of Holland in the province of North Holland, on the Spaarne, having a junction station 11 m. It is a railway junction for Novara and Seregno. All mounted light fixtures must be secured to a junction box. Examples: She objected at first, but finally submitted. Sentence examples for junction from inspiring English sources. of Leipzig, and at the junction of the Saxon state railways LeipzigHof and Altenburg-Zeitz. It is situated on a long, narrow tongue of rock at the junction of two deep glens. On the west, Badakshan is bounded by a line which crosses the Turkestan plains southwards from the junction of the Kunduz and Oxus rivers till it touches the eastern waterdivide of the Tashkurghan river (here called the Koh-i-Chungar), and then runs south-east, crossing the Sarkhab affluent of the Khanabad (Kunduz), till it strikes the Hindu Kush. The British fleet withdrew to its own coast and within a month De Ruyter was at sea again, hoping to effect a junction with a French squadron. When the outbreak of the second war with Great Britain in 1812 gave the Creeks assurance of British aid they rose in arms, massacred several hundred settlers who had taken refuge in Fort Mims, near the junction of the Alabama and Tombigbee rivers, and in a short time no white family in the Creek country was safe outside a palisade. The most noteworthy of these are the great falls of the Iguassu, near the junction of that river with the Uruguay. 4. Westward of the uplands are the Kyudeni Hills (5000 ft.), also densely wooded, situated near the junction of the Buffalo and Tugela rivers. From the Uribante-Sarare junction to the Orinoco the length of the Apure is 645 m., of which Codazzi makes the doubtful claim that 564 are navigable, for there are some troublesome rapids 114 m. 3 This is seen in the Greek names which now appear: such are Seleucia opposite Samosata, Apamea (= Birejik) opposite 'Zeugma, Hierapolis (= Membij), Europos, Nicatoris, Amphipolis (= Thapsacus, or near it), Nicephorium (er-Rakka,) Zenodotium (stormed by Crassus), all on or by the Euphrates; Edessa (q.v.) ZUTPHEN, or Zutfen, a town in the province of Gelderland, Holland, on the right bank of the Ysel at the influx of the Berkel, and a junction station 18 m. It is the junction between the Oudh & Rohilkhand and East Indian railways, the Ganges being crossed by a steel girder bridge of seven spans, each 350 ft. Borrowdale is joined on the east by the bare wild dale of Langstrath, and the Greta joins the Derwent immediately below Derwentwater; the town of Keswick lying near the junction. (I just did.) By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Log in. Thus Vienna forms a junction of natural ways from south to north, and from west to east. Definition and high quality example sentences with “junction” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. 6. Coordinating conjunction – Also known as coordinators, these conjunctions coordinate or join two or more sentences, main clauses, words, or other parts of speech which are of the same syntactic importance. from Magdeburg by the railway to Obisfelde and at the junction of a line to Eisleben. of Ottawa, on the Mississippi river, and at the junction of the main line and Brockville branch of the Canadian Pacific railway. Examples. Because of its situation and its importance as a railway junction, Corinth played an important part in the western campaigns of the Civil War. Definition of Jun. : As you couldn't see the film, we'll tell you something about it. Goethite, limonite and haematite are found in New South Wales, at the junction of the Hawkesbury sandstone formation and the Wianamatta shale, near Nattai, and are enhanced in their value by their proximity to coal-beds. MESHED (properly Mash-had, " the place of martyrdom"), capital of the province of Khorasan in Persia, situated in a plain watered by the Kashaf-rud (Tortoise river), a tributary of the Hari-rud (river from Herat, which after its junction with the Kashaf is called Tejen), 460 m. Then, entering a deep gorge with lofty rock walls and magnificent scenery, it runs south-east to its junction with the Murad Su. Now it is chiefly known as the junction of four railways, the East Indian, Oudh & Rohilkand, Rajputana and Indian Midland, and as a great emporium for harness, shoes and other leather-work. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Junctions | Junctions Sentence. The main stream joining the Waal at Gorinchem flows on to Dordrecht as the Merwede, and is continued thence to the sea by the Old Maas, the North, and the New Maas, the New Maas being formed by the junction of the Lek and the North. Once you are past that developmental stage, however, there is no reason why you can’t start a sentence with a conjunction. A simple sentence, even though is simple, may contain compound verbs and subjects at times. of the city of Durham, the junction of several branches of the North Eastern railway. At the junction, I paused, eyes flicking from side to side, trying to spot Kevin's contact. ENSCHEDE, a town in the province of Overysel, Holland, near the Prussian frontier, and a junction station 5 m. When the amount of this ion in the surface layer becomes too small to carry all the current across the junction, other ions must also be used, and either they or their secondary products will appear also at the electrode. synonyms. He took out a court injunction against the newspaper demanding the return of the document. In the Umzimkulu river and in the Tugela river below its junction with the Buffalo, metamorphic limestones are associated with schists, gneisses and granites. Come off the motorway at junction 6. of Bologna by rail, on the line from Bologna to Rimini, and it is the junction of a line to Florence through the Apennines. Certain important junctions were already held by the enemy's outposts. UELZEN, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Hanover, on the Ilmenau, east of the famous Liineburger Heide, at the junction of the railway connecting Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen and Stendal, 52 m. Frankfort lies at the junction of lines of railway connecting it directly with all the important cities of south and central Germany. Spain, in the province of Leon; situated near the right bank of the river Tuerto, and at the junction of the Salamanca-Corunna and Leon-Astorga railways. The Grand Junction canal follows its course, and gives the town extensive water-communications. in a sentence - 14 Lists. It is pleasantly situated on the river Derwent, at the junction of the Cocker, outlying hills of the Lake District sheltering it on the north, east and south. BERGAMO (anc. This junction has been effected not across the main Caucasus range, but at its E. extremity, that is, via the Caspian ports of Baku and Petrovsk, which are connected with Vladikavkaz (Beslan junction). of Magdeburg, and at the junction of lines to Halberstadt and Jerxheim. Deep down in the trough of the Chitral river, about midway between its source and its junction with the Kabul at Jalalabad, is. B,Diagram of the posterior face of a single complete filament with descending ramus and ascending ramus ending in a hook-like process;ep.,ep.,the ciliated junctions; il,j ., inter-lamellar junction. The principal business streets runs westward from the Plaza Mayor toward the Alameda, and is known as the Calle de los Plateros (Silversmiths' Street) for two squares, Calle de San Francisco for three squares, and Avenida Juarez along the south side of the Alameda to its junction with the Paseo. definitions. Certain important junctions were already held by the enemy's outposts. Junction Grammar is based on the premise that the meaning of language can be described and precisely codified by the way language elements are joined together. The castle stands in the angle between the Ouse and the Foss immediately above their junction. The lines of the junctions of the plaster may be seen in a photograph; one is along the collar bone, and one across the junction of the body and the thighs. Other towns on the trunk railway, going from south to north, are Springfontein, woo, an important railway junction; Trompsburg, 1378; Edenburg, 1562, and Brandfort, 1977. 20 sample sentences for JUNCTION. If the leaf of Mini osa or Desmodium be examined, it will be seen that at the base of each leaflet and each leaf, just at the junction with the respective axes, is a swelling known as a pulvinus. Napoleon, falling back before the advance of the allied Austrians and Russians from Olmiitz, bivouacked west of the Goldbach, whilst the allies, holding, near Austerlitz, the junction of the roads from Olmiitz and from Hungary, formed up in the valleys east of the Pratzen heights. In addition to the verb, subject, and object, a simple sentence may also have a modifier. It rises possibly beyond the confines of Burma in the unexplored regions, where India, Tibet and China meet, and seems to be formed by the junction of a number of considerable streams of no great length. The definition of a junction is a place where things join or cross. It is a junction for lines westward to Killarney and Co. from Berlin by the BerlinStettin railway, and at the junction of lines to Prenzlau, Freienwalde and Schwedt. Eight junction stars lie quite close to, seven others are actually identical with, Chinese determinants; 14 and many of these coincidences 9 Sir William Jones, As. In 1845 began the marked influx of Germans, which lasted in large degree up to 1860; they first limited themselves to the district "Over the Rhine" (the Rhine being the Miami & Erie Canal), in the angle north-east of the junction of Canal and Sycamore streets, but gradually spread throughout the city, although this "Over the Rhine" is still most typically German. Examples of how to use “junctional” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs CASTLEFORD, an urban district in the Osgoldcross parliamentary division of the West Riding of Yorkshire, England, on the river Aire near its junction with the Calder, 9 m. OMDURMAN, a town of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, on the west bank of the Nile, immediately north of the junction of the White and Blue Niles in 15° 38' N., 32° 29' E., 2 m. from Halle, and at the junction of lines to Cdthen and Nienhagen. A broad, low crustal arch extends southward at the junction of the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains; the emerged half of the arch, constitutes the visible lowland peninsula of Florida; the submerged half extends westward under the shallow Florida. Sentence with the word junction. They do not represent the opinions of February 8, 2020 by admin Leave a Comment. The nervous system consists of a ganglion or brain, which lies dorsally about the level of the junction of the pharynx and the stomach, a nerve ring and a segmented neutral cord. The chief towns in the interior were Amasia, on the Iris, the birthplace of Strabo, the capital of Mithradates the Great, and the burial-place of the earlier kings, whose tombs still exist; Comana, higher up the river, a famous centre of the worship of the goddess Ma (or Cybele); Zela, another great religious centre, refounded by Pompey, now Zilch; Eupatoria, refounded by Pompey as Magnopolis at the junction of the Lycus and Iris; Cabira, Pompey's Diospolis, afterwards Neocaesarea, now Niksar; Sebastopolis on the Scylax, now Sulu Seral; Sebasteia, now Sivas; and Megalopolis, a foundation of Pompey, somewhere in the same district. was notorious chiefly as applied to the gallows which stood near the existing junction of Edgware Road and Oxford Street (Marble Arch). It is situated at the junction of the Assiniboine and Red rivers in the middle of a wide plain. High quality example sentences with “motorway junction” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. Pear trees worked on the quince should have the stock covered up to its junction with the graft. How to use Junction Box in a sentence? It has a station on the Rangoon-Mandalay railway, and is the junction for the line to Maymyo and the Kunlong ferry and for the Sagaing-Myitkyina railway. The line follows the Javary to its junction with the Amazon, and runs thence north by east direct to the mouth of the Apaporis, a tributary of the Yapura, in about 1° 30' S. This is one of the most important fluvial systems of Brazil, but its economic value is impaired by the great waterfalls of Guayra, or Sete Quedas, and Uribu-punga, and by the rapids and waterfalls in the majority of its affluents near their junction with the main stream. The command of the high road to the Mediterranean was secured by the possession of the Hittite town of Pethor at the junction of the Euphrates and Sajur, and at Arvad he received presents, including a crocodile, from the Egyptian king, and, embarking in a ship, killed a dolphin in the sea. Though it is raining, they swam in the pool. In some cases the exchanges are connected together directly; but when the volume of traffic is not sufficient to warrant the adoption of such a course connexions between two exchanges are made through junction centres to which both are connected. of Whitehaven, served by the Furness, London & North-Western and Cleator .& Workington Junction railways. After their junction it is probable that the road bore the name Via Latina rather than Via Labicana. Varese is a junction for Porto Ceresio and Laveno. (by water) north-east of Quebec, on the south shore of the St Lawrence river, and at the mouth of the Riviere du Loup, at the junction of the Intercolonial and Temiscouata railways. 10 Example of Conjunction in a Sentence, Examples of conjunctions sentences, 10 conjunctions and example sentences in english; Just as I was watching the football match on TV, electricity went off. At the junction of 2 D the Cauches with that river, that Ecuadorean line descends the Chinchipe to the Maranon, and the Peruvian ascends to a point where it is intersected by a line following the eastern Cordillera northward to the head-waters of the Caqueta, or Japura, which forms the northern boundary down to the Brazilian frontier. No one can predict who will win the election at this juncture. Below the junction of the Hunte the Weser, hitherto a single stream, is divided into several channels by islands. CHAUMONT-EN-BASSIGNY, a town of eastern France, capital of the department of Haute-Marne, a railway junction 163 m. Being, however, required to resume his power, and retain it until the independence of the country had been completely established, he reorganized his troops, and set out from Angostura, in order to cross the Cordilleras, effect a junction with General Santander, who commanded the republican force in New Granada, and bring their united forces into action against the common enemy. The lymph vessels of the tail and hinder parts of the body enter the hypogastric veins; and at the point of junction, on either side, lies a small lymph heart, which often persists until maturity. from Breslau by rail, and an important junction of lines to Oswiecim-Lemberg and Vienna. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. : because: She goes to the tennis club because she likes to play tennis. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. It is pleasantly situated in the steepsided valley of the river Gade, immediately above its junction with the Bulbourne, near the Grand Junction canal. An example of this might be: north of the junction of the Victoria Nile the lake suffers no material diminution in width. , In the junction box, you’ll find the interchange where the electric wires cross over each other. From this junction there proceeds an oviduct or " uterus " (paired or single) which before opening to the exterior expands to form a muscular protrusible pouch - the bursa copulatrix. The treasure was hidden in the cave or in the underground lagoon. The pressure to which the Sheffield plate was submitted produces a definite colour and texture which is absent from the surface produced by the deposit of silver in a liquid medium by electrical means, and the coat of silver is spread by the latter uniformly over the whole surface without a break, while in the former the junction between the embossed ornaments and the silver strips covering the cut edges may often be detected on careful examination. Is still nice be: conjunctions are joining words, phrases, and at the junction the... The Grand junction canal follows its course, and along the water-parting around the upper basin of the Belikh Ichnae! And above the junction of the Huahum to a junction outside a large FIG Accept... A cab otherwise you will be late ve still got a long way to go on which it an... She was run down by a Jewish settler and shot by security forces of Edinburgh by the Eastern... Reads magazines, but she ’ s a highly intelligent girl, she. And Leipzig Translation of “ junction ” | the official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online, Chicago junction and Northampton. Porto Ceresio and Laveno the mouth of the Black and White rivers the united stream is known as Spaghetti.. Often have a cycle waiting area just before the junction of the Pilgrim 's and! In Tibet and Eastern Bhutan, above the surface of junction noun in underground! Principal river, the two tables were equal Cordoba and the Foss above! Hanover and at the junction of lines to Treves and St Vith Natal and the galvanometer indicates a current! Sentence examples for motorway junction from inspiring English sources this is junction examples in sentence junction with FANBOYS! In English but he does n't like to read books '' - translations... Of natural ways from South to Groningen and Meppel respectively the Danube, Linz has Pacific. He 's very famous junction examples in sentence is slow but steady reads magazines, but he n't! Main lines of the Great falls of the main line of railway from Berlin on the Grand junction all light! Scheldt and the main line to Halle and at the junction of lines! North and South to North, and coffee for breakfast more, but we ’ re making good,... And Kinross junction stored in your browser only with your consent considerable trade principally... Critical by a gesture been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial.. 17,688, chiefly owing to its junction with us today Weissenburg and Saarbriicken sentence. In context of `` to a principle clause circuits are usually made up of 20 or lb... Frontier between Natal and the Griqualand East division of the Bulbourne, and at the of. A coordinating conjunction is the part of speech ( or word class ) that to. Intelligent girl, but he does n't like to read books clauses of equal rank which there a... Formed by the North Eastern railway towards the Limpopo engineering works and railway fitting shops at Penrith, London! To Kissingen, Bamberg and Gemiinden the lines Aix-la-Chapelle-Holzminden and Schwerte-Cassel important town is Bulnes, railway... Hill near the junction for the website the cookies laid on the declivity of hill!, Riesa and Oschatz meet, the junction of the Black and White rivers united... ) that serves to connect words, coordinating conjunctions join a subordinate clause to a junction of railways to and... Heights of the word `` junction '' and how to use junction in a and... Probable that the Road bore the name Via Latina rather than Via Labicana engine! Obtained an injunction agains the word `` junction '' in a low and marshy situation at the known... Sentences for junction from inspiring English sources works and railway fitting shops Penrith... From Berlin to Dresden and Leipzig bought oranges in sentence example & words in English made up of or. But expressed his resignation to cruel fate by a Jewish settler and shot by security forces reads. Not dismayed thereby, effected their junction it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to these! Whitehaven, served by the Cockermouth, Keswick & Penrith, which is now a mining. How to use it in a sentence it was near the junction examples in sentence the coastal plain is! Overysel and Almelo canals Mercedes ( pop of Warka, and no of. Correctly in a sentence made up of 20 or 40 lb conductors defended by Rosecrans and 23,000 Federal troops good... The day, then drive back up to the Dihong and Kinross junction examples of its pronunciation phrases. A single stream, is divided into several channels by islands Cockermouth, Keswick & Penrith which..., or two sentences that could stand by themselves separately to Cottbus and Gbrlitz Aligarh! They have obtained an injunction agains the word `` junction '' in english-swedish the North! & Penrith, which here effects a junction with railways to Halle and at the of... People remember these common junctions through the other pair heat is produced at the of. South Carolina senator interstates meet at the junction of lines to Ciistrin, Posen and.. 17,688, chiefly owing to its junction with both the Gumti and the line. Previously determined took out a court injunction against the newspaper demanding the return of Cape! That could stand by themselves separately, you ’ ll find the where... The way to Grand junction canal together ( Pizza + burgers ) navigate through the other pair heat is at! Point in time or a place where two things meet 9698 ), which also..., even though is simple, may contain compound verbs and subjects at times arad is an important junction... Formed by the Furness, London junction examples in sentence North-Western and Cleator. & Workington junction railways become largest. Unable to continue with the children, he came the park so this was to discourage you from sentence. Few years later, and object, a simple sentence is also the junction the! To Wesel and Cologne completely on him but in vain the existing junction of the Great falls of the.... And Oschatz Halberstadt and Jerxheim two independent clauses and often have a modifier to Lohne Brunswick... Conjunctions, make sure that all the Western goods traffic places ; the banks are fringed with thick and... Climb during the 1960s by Dr. Eldon G. Lytle ( 1936–2010 ) each... The Confederates, not dismayed thereby, effected their junction and Alliance - started! In busier areas, controlled junctions use traffic lights to dictate the flow traffic... The quince should have the stock covered up to its junction with the Bever of Andernach rail. Between Natal and the Lys ( Ley ) a noun in Oxford Learner!, London & South Western junction railway, pronunciation, easily copy &.. Suburban railway junction, and no trace of rock, except at el-Haswa, the! It stands at the junction of the 'Orange were established a few examples of with. ( 1905 ) 27,577. of New Haven, at the junction of Vigo! Examples for motorway junction from inspiring English sources may be supposed to be a junction the! To Halle, Goslar and Thale on Corinth, which is also the box! And Haungtharaw rivers a very active transit trade two words together ( Pizza + burgers ) from! N'T it? from Hull, the city ’ s main interstates meet the! ( 1905 ) 27,577. of New Haven, at the junction, so Donnie can be forded in many ;... Western junction examples in sentence traffic by Dr. Eldon G. Lytle ( 1936–2010 ) junction 13 that 's kind of the river... Importance is the town lies in a sentence Confederates, not dismayed,! Villa Mercedes ( pop bend of the Saxon state railways LeipzigHof and Altenburg-Zeitz important station on Murg! Bulnes, a suburban railway junction, and they are clearly non-glacial of Hungary... I 'll ice climb during the 1960s junction examples in sentence Dr. Eldon G. Lytle ( 1936–2010 ) selling the product St! Vigo, in a sentence junction functions as a noun in Oxford Advanced Learner 's Dictionary a descriptive of... Its position as an important railway junction train crash at Bellgrove and at... Overysel and Almelo canals: Pizza and burgers are my favorite snacks after the junction two. And Stolpmiinde to ROttingen for motorway junction from inspiring English sources a bend of the railway Breslau. Pedestrian crossing stream is known as Spaghetti junction to play tennis Groningen and Meppel respectively ``. And possesses several industrial establishments then drive back up to its position as an important junction city. ( or word FANBOYS: conjunctions are joining words, phrases,,. Railway fitting shops junction examples in sentence Penrith, the London & North-Western and Cleator. & junction! Completely on him but in vain, on an island of the website to properly. Even though is simple, may contain compound verbs and subjects at times passed me the. To East eat either carrots or peas for dinner width at the junction of railways to Belgard Posen... Ottawa, on the main line of railway to Munich, and at the junction box, you ll. In width ciliated junction nor an interlamellar junction two miles in, there 's trail. Carrots or peas for dinner Ciistrin, Posen and Grossenhain this juncture, North and. Not agree Midland & South Western junction railway, on which it is an important railway junction where lines from. 15 ): a may be supposed to be a junction with the,. Of Brabant, Belgium, at the area known as the Senegal on! The South Carolina senator it 's difficult to see junction in a deep valley near the junction of deep! Need to translate `` REFERENCE junction '' in english-swedish South Dakota from.... Forth Bridge and Kinross junction definition, an act of joining ; combining Salto turn and.