A|—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0–| x2 There are other similar substitutes online if you still need one. Register by clicking the 'plus' symbol, it's really simple! And besides Finally, if you just can’t get enough of Christmas songs on your ukulele then take a look at Al Wood’s Christmas Ukulele Trilogy ebook.For $14 you get 3 ebooks with a total of 32 ukulele tabs, all with supporting YouTube videos and audio files. We’ll be just fine, be productive or be lazy i don’t mind, When you say transpose down 2 – does that mean the song is a little lower? HErd immunity won’t work, till they have a vaccination, Ypu nedd a few more syllables and that could be a line in riptide. so hard, the streets are empty shops are too. It’s really hard to teach you here but search on youtube/google “How to read tabs” and you’ll see it’s easier than it sounds. C/——————————— play top twice EsaterBallai I have no idea how to write tabs either! you must have a great taste in music. Hey everyone! I actually played this one on my uke, its pretty good! Then keep your finger on the 2nd string, but move up to the first fret on the 3rd string. heres how i play. D I’d walk to you but I have to stay away. Oh, tired of social distancing, Hey there people just be safe and keep a distance I’m not sure when this will end but give this song another listen, close your eyes DDUUD we’ll have the life we knew we would. I have a very limited vocal range (not a singer whatsoever, but it helps to sing along while playing). if we cant support each other in times of struggle If anyone is having trouble playing bm, you can use Gmaj7 as a substitute. G Bm +3 is easy if you’re a beginner the only chords are,C,D,F,Am, and Bb. It is perfect! Fixed some errors in first tabber's version. You can usually tell by what chord each phrase wraps around to. There are a few Supernatural themed versions that are good too. oh its what you do to me, oh this quarantine, Also, I recommend D-DU-UDU. *cough* Voldemort *cough*, you also said he who must not be named *cough* V- daddy *cough*. Do this x4. If the chord is D then why does it say 2 on the C string? example of one of the many flaws meaning if you ever try to play this with other musicians it will result in embarrassment. its supposed to be medley referring to a combination of Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World. Oh we’re stuck in quarantine, oh we’re stuck in quarts fine Only use those strings so it’s easier to play. If you’re strumming on the beat you would have four strums on D, four on Bm, four on D, three on Bm, one on A, and back to D. I play a picking pattern for this song, I pluck the g string and do an upward strum on the c, e, and a strings. G———————————-, A/-0-1-1-1-0—–0-0-0————- play bottom once this was an easy song except for changing to a bm otherwise it is a great song good for beginners like me, -2 is perfect for low altos and lower voices in general. +3 is very easy, especially since F and Dm are very close. 4 contributors total, last edit on Apr 19, 2020. Fall Out Boy is my father. the world will never ever be the same, and you’re to blame. if you know how to play count on me by bruno mars, it’s exactly the same. Delilah I love you very much but I don’t think that you can be with me It’s all worth it in the end if you keep practicing!! Ukulele players all over the world have direct access to UkuTabs its large archive. So you would put your fingers on the second fret of your 2nd string (E string) and your 3rd string (C string). I have tiny hands…, U can transpose it, for an easier version I reccomend +7. 1. continue from there . G:——————————– D…. HolD on tight, this might be a bumpy ride :0, hey there corona what’s it like in wuhan china, This was so good I had to make a full verse: Each line is a string and the top string is youre a string and the bottom line is youre g string and the number is the fret that note is played on so if there is a 5 on the a string, that means the 5th fret of the a string. G/——————————— for the verse . have you tried +5? A few more months and we’ll be through with this, and we’ll be making history. Sounds much better and is still pretty easy if you can switch to Bb easy enough hey there delilah, i know times are getting hard im confused how are you suppose to transitions from the strumming pattern to the verse cause when i try it doesnt sound good, If you mean the chord doesn’t sound right when strummed that could because you’re not fretting the entire chord. I don’t do it D G I do it C Em then Am F G C I think something along those lines… The C Em sounds nicer Though ??? I remember how i used to sing this on lips A few years ago! Barre the second fret with your index finger and squeeze the back of the fret board with your thumb (you are basically pinching the fret to barre it). and our country’s a big dumpster fire A thousand miles is pretty far and we need to stay six feet apart Sorry I’m a beginner. Time’s Square can’t be as empty as this, I swear on Chris, i mean she’s right. stop eating it or else we are all screwed I was inspired by everyone’s writing I thought I write my own little song. I used to sing it with my crush!! Find out which songs are the most popular and are favorited the most on the ukulele with UkuTabs' 99 Top Tabs by Favorites list. It’s also not too high to sing so I think it’s nice. It’s played the same way, but writing it out like that makes it hard to tell the key right away. Shortly, we shall be looking at the ukulele fingerpicking styles together. And people can just be who they are, Hey there Delilah you don’t really have to worry we’ll hug it good, holding each other’s hands just like we should, Quarantine COVID’s by your side Song "Hey There Delilah" ukulele chords and tabs by Plain White T's. So, in order to get around having to play a barre chord (i.e B minor), fret a D chord shape but on the C, E and A strings. You read it by having the g string up, the g string being the string that is closest to your face (if you are right handed). Stuck in quarantine Hey there my baby, even through all of the distance Yes I do. that is some big-ass link right there. A place where people have to live in fear I’ve played this on the guitar as well, and I like to add an A chord after the second and fourth repeats of the chorus line, like: I’m confused. I use my thumb to pluck the C string by itself (soprano and concert uke tuning) then my index finger plucks the E at the same time as my middle finger plucks the A. try to switch from holding the D chord and the Gbm after doing the pattern 4 times. like ups and downs, The only thing I wish is that I wish there was a tab for the entire song instead of just the beginning, Social distaning is slowly killing me….its hard to see……OOH corona dont kill me I am pleading so hard, I’m going to make a parody of this song using your comments. So if you look at the one above it has G C E and A which are each of your strings on your ukulele. He is a fingerstyle guitarist from South Korea. G Bm It’s called a tab, and it shows the pattern for fingerpicking.The letters are the strings, and the numbers on the lines show which strings to pluck. Hey there bathroom sink, ive seen you 14 times today, im here when i touch something, i ran outta’ soap. Destiel and such. I think picking the intro pattern with the given chords through the whole song sounds better than using a strumming pattern, since there isn’t really one that I think fits the song nicely. I’m just 20 minutes away, wish I could see you everyday As all the people who saw the scene he’s not, like, fricking Voldemort! What do the numbers mean when fingerplucking? The chords are the same, I just pluck C and then A and E together and it sounds pretty cool. C D Em D im dead i died people just its just math ok i yeah im dead. guys how would you do Bm, A, and G with picking?? May I use your song to sing it and post it. The picking took me a few tries but it sounds great on this piece. Oh its what you do to me, oh this quarantine, Someone help please ? Hi so I did +5 so adjust to your voice but I did a whole thing…. Covid~ -19~ Hey there my baby, I’ve got so much more to say, hey there delilah just be safe and keep a distance The chords are awesome, great beginner song. The strumming pattern I used was always down on verses and DUD:| on chorus and bridge. If anyone is looking for a good pattern, I use a fingerpicking pattern. It is just transposed from Em to Am, so all credits are for the original author. A: x100. Don't have an account yet? probably just because i’m teaching myself the uke, It’ll be easier if you put it into -2 and then you don’t have the Bm, but that’s just me . View official tab. I also started my own version, but sadly I can’t share it because of privacy reasons. generally it works anytime you wanna play these chords. E/——–3-1-3——–1-3—————————————, A/1-3-3-3-3-1-0-1-3-3-3-5-3-1-0 X2 You pick the C string with your thumb and then the E and A strings at the same time with your index and middle finger. I bought one on 15th February as a Valentine’s day gift. The only thing I do differently is pluck 8 times instead of 4. i just cover the 3 string below with my finger and then cover the up one with my thumb. Any suggestions for picking on Bm chords or on the, “oh it’s what you do to me” lines? -2 is much easier if your struggling with the chords. The numbers on the line tell you which fret to play. Any alternative hand postions? Good luck! Where do you live? Basically these are picking patterns. Put it on -2 and the plucking pattern should go something like this. It makes the key higher and lower to adjust to the singers voice, but most change the transposer to find the easiest chords. Hey dose anyone know what the strumming pattern is? G|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I’ll totally give you credit! can someone tell me the strumming pattern?? Register by clicking the 'plus' symbol, it's really simple! Anyone did a cover yet? I suggest that you use Gmaj7 as a substitute! Every second I’ve wished i could be near you. Oh coronas getting me, A thousand years seems pretty long, but trust me we have more to come, corona’s right around the ally wayyyy, the apocalypse will come for us, but well shoot them and laugh because we know that they must be 6 feet awayyyy, corona’s to blaaammmee. A|-0-1 8.5k Hey there Delilah, don’t forget to social distance Can you please explain how to do the pattern? Hey there Delilah, I know corona’s hitting hard, but girl I swear to god one day I’ll rob the store with this guitar we’ll have it good. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I really not that far away but I can’t see you any more, oh i’m so bored. G Bm At the top of you screen you can change the chords, +5 (best chords for my vocal range) just so i’ll remember, +5!!!!!???!? xC|–2—2—2—2—1—1—1—1——| This one shows that you’d pluck the C string (2nd fret) then A string (open) for four times, then E string (2nd) and open A four times. We have an official Demons tab made by UG professional guitarists. G Em G Em We will do what ever we want to. e–2—-2—-2—-2—-2—-2 I’m doing 3+ and idk how to get the starting note, Here’s my take on a corona-fied version of the song (I used a couple people’s lyrics at the start btw), Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in isolation And that’s a fact, and we both know that we don’t want that, cause it’s pretty bad E |-p-p-p-p—- should i post?? G Em If you play guitar, I’d recommend learning it on guitar. So basically you read it left to right, each line representing a string and the number on the line is the fret you put your finger on. Dn-Dn Dn-Up/Dn-Up I cam to the comments to look for strumming patterns, but this is better though. Baby I can promise you, then when all of this is through, finger C and pluck the 2nd and 4th string four times. And hilarious. oh please don’t cry, hope you don’t run out of your supplies, I really hope this quarantine ends before we go back in September But believe me girl, I’ll earn my checks by playing this ukulele”. ukulele tabs. I am so bored, School will never feel the same anymore, I am sure. I can also do those chords a lot better, soprano i assume like a soprano 1 falsetto mix, EeEeeeEEeeE YOURE HERE TOO!?!?!? And maybe someday soon we’ll be able to make some dinner plans for a Saturday. A/3-3-3-3-1-0-1-3-3-3-5-3-1-0-1-3-3-3-3-1-0-1-3-3-3-3-5-3-1-0—0 If you’re having trouble with Bm and you’re doing the finger plucking on strings 1,2, and 3, then if you just don’t include the fourth string for Bm it won’t matter because you aren’t playing it anyway. IKR, I THOUGHT UKULELE PLAYERS DIDN’T NEED BIG HANDS SINCE IT’S OBVIOUSLY SMALL, BUT DANGIT! G is the string closest to you when playing and A is the furthest. Tuning: E A D G B E. Author MaxLacaze [a] 121. We can can go out and seize the day. I’ve just started and learned it easy, thanks for the help. reading the corona lyrics is the most fun i’ve had in 4 weeks, but anyway how is y’alls isolation going?? Oh, nothing to do in quarantine, quarantine, quarantine. It’s so boring, But oh, we’re stuck in quarantine, oh, we’re stuck in quarantine Cheers! To register an account at UkuWorld, start by filling in a username and email address. “{D} Oh, it’s what you do to {Bm} me, {D} Oh, it’s what you do to {Bm} me {A} Not allowed to tell you the strumming pattern G Em G Em This thing is like wow ima play this lol if it’s ok hehe. there’s an explanation here on ukutabs i think its called “reading ukulele tablature” im not sure tho. Then repeat. Hey there Delilah, And hopefully there soon will be a day. , I like it if you change Bm to g for the chorus and to d for the rest and then keep strumming the c and e string in order like you do in the intro. Free and guaranteed quality tablature with ukulele chord charts, transposer and auto scroller. Hey there Delilah you be good I would strum them 4 times, then repeat 3 times (play 4 total). Love this version btw, Can I make a cover for this please but I’ll give you credit. people shouldn’t have to live in fear and people shouldn’t be polluting the air and not being able to speak their mind. LOL Thank you. I don’t know how to read the plucking pattern!!! Hey there Delilah, my life feels wasted the chords above the tab are an alternate option other than playing the tabs . hey im new can someone please explain what the part underneath where it says intro means ? I know that quarantine is hard, Of Parks And Recreation Oh, covid-19 This helped me not only play Bm that I was struggling with, but also the other various barre chords. Difficulty: novice. Owl City is an American electropop musical project by Adam Young. Covid-19 Oh, covid-19 Hey there Delilah, you’re okay, we’ll be okay. Plus it doesn’t go too high with my vocal range which is alto. i looked through the tabs people put and either i’m playing them wrong or they sound really weird i played the tab that is on the website and to me it sounded fine, -2 is very easy if you have tiny child fingers like me. This arrangement was downloaded for free on UkuTabs.com: Our lawyer made us change the username so we wouldn’t get sued, Billie Eyelashed out on Taylor Swiftly pulled away, TwentyOnePilotsPanickingAtTheDicoWhileFallingOut, https://ukutabs.com/u/ukutabs-commenters/hey-there-corona/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znhvxRUd6qs. I’m so bored~ I agree with this but I only use a strumming pattern for the chorus and the bridge it just sounds better to me, I love this song!! Their journey, which began in a small suburban basement playing covers, has taken the band to Warped Tour three times, and landed them opening slots for bands like Jimmy Eat World and AFI. Stuck in quarantine, Hey there Delilah I know life is is hard but at least they are trying to educate themselves at such a young age while you are bashing and calling children names on the internet. I want to hear it! E:-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 sorry i can read tabs a bit i think but cant write them so i’ll just try to explain…. I would help but just listen to the song while playing it and you’ll get it. if you can interprate the plucking and the strumming wth the plucking on the bridges only and the strumming on every thing else than the song sounds nice, and if you were to play it on the guitar it is good with a picking pattern in the f scale. i just felt the need to put that out there. Hey Emily! It’s easier for me. G Bm ukulele tuner. Covid~ -19~. , I can’t sing that high, so I go -2. Hey there delilah, you be good and be hygienic, Oh, stop the spread of covid-19 I’m gonna try write this in tab form (p meaning pluck). G Bm I’m pretty sure~, Corona what’d you do to me~ covid 19 this ones for you, i swear it’s true, Corona I can promise you that by the time that we get through the world will never ever be the same, and you’re to blame, nice username! When it gets to Bm, for picking it doest sound right. i hope this advice helps you play ukelele better, as I am also a beginner ^v^. Hey there Delilah don’t forget your mask today What idiot censors Trump? Well what I do is ignore the strumming pattern and just play Dm and Gm whilst strumming down C, E AND A for the whole song. I play it +5. do you know how many freaking comments i had to freaking read to find this?!?!?!! I would suggest -2. Ukulele Fingerstyle Tab Sheets. Hey! That’s great, because once you’ve learned this technique, your music sounds richer and more complex. This song tab is in the key of Eb Major with the chords: Bb, Eb, G#, Gm, Cm. BRUHHHHHHHH THERES A WHOLE SONG HERE WHAT? Guitar Acoustic Songs Guitar Tabs Songs Ukulele Chords Songs Guitar Sheet Music Ukulele Tabs Piano Songs Piano Music Ukulele Fingerpicking Songs Trumpet. If you’ve never heard this song, you could easily go on to YouTube and search for it. what voo-doo magic are you in? C|–2—-2—-2—-2——1——1——1—-1–| But just believe that once its over, and we don’t have to be apart What a surprise! you can change it to fit your vocal range. Heaven? Hi there! im a thousand hours in and i dislike this situation I use 5+ because 0 is too low for me to sing along to. Maybe it’s not very legit, maybe they heard this somewhere and are jumping on the wagon repeating what someone else is saying (parents, youtuber….etc.) A least Quarantines gone, Hey there Delilah, there’s been five thousand more cases C| 1 — 1 — 1 — 1 — Each number represents a fret. 2 contributors total, last edit on Mar 07, 2019. I know how to pluck but idk how to do the note with plucking, -2 is absolutely perfect for beginners. Why can’t the world just live in peace with love, not war and cease to be This song makes me emotional still don’t understand the first bit. I hope this helped I’m not very good at explaining things. i can’t tell if i like her better with neville like in the movies or with rolf scamander (newts grandson) like in the books. Oh, stop the spread of covid 19 I don’t know how much of a background you have with music, so I’m not sure how helpful that was lol. I like the begging tablature, but is there tablature for the entire song? Omg, can I make a cover?? touch is good. 165,937 views, added to favorites 3,567 times. I did make s another as of now: That’s all, hope this can help someone. So heccin lonley, I swear its true. I swear its true, Hey there delilah, Doesn’t black lives matter anymore? Ohhh i hate qurentine, ohhh, i hate qurentine, ohhh i hate qurentine, ohhh i hate qurentine. Ukulele players all over the world have direct access to UkuTabs its large and completely free song archive which is constantly being updated with new songs. 10-sep-2020 - Explora el tablero de Zoraya Uribe "Ukelele" en Pinterest. These ukulele tabs are in PDF format created with Guitar Pro, Powertab, or good ol’ Microsoft Word.. Ukulele tabs marked with “lead sheet” are Guitar Pro transcriptions of the melody, words (if applicable), and chords. We have an official Fireflies tab made by UG professional guitarists. Covid-19 School will never feel the same anymore, I am sure. Very nice. I´m glad I´m not the only Whovian here! oh i’m stuck in quarantine, corona it’s what you do to me We can’t even go outside My temporary solution was to slide my index finger up one fret but now the whole chord sounds off. Thank you. All songs by Plain White T's. Anyone have a hood strumming pattern? I don’t know if I can take it Being My Small – Fingered Self , Instead of Bm On “0” I use Em. but I play this song by this way: A|—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0–| x2 hey there corona, what’s it like in new york city? Oh, We’re Stuck in quarantine, Oh, we’re stuck in quarantine Bm: x222 Oooh Corona’s getting mEee. Hey there corona, are you glad im quarantining, its been a million hours since ive seen another being. Like I just wish I would’ve hugged you, every time you walked away. Should’ve seen it coming from this far -2 is great for beginners and for low voices like mine, It’s the transpose. if the strumming pattern sounds wrong and you can’t find a better one than has been suggested, I might recommend playing the whole song with the intro’s plucking pattern instead, which is a totally valid option . Ive never felt this wasted, Before I play this on +3 so plucking strings 2 and 4 doesn’t work. {D} Oh, it’s what you do to {Bm} me, {D} Oh, it’s what you do to {Bm} me {A} E/3———3-1-3—–1-3———- that is the easiest way to play the chord. I’m very disappointed in society that a 13 year old can read that and understand what it means and actually have to go through that. If only being here weren’t so lonely c-0-0-0-0——— Idk if thats what your referancing but its what i thought of, this is by far the longest comment thread i have ever seen on this site lmao. Scrolled down through all the covid talk to find this… thank you so much. Em C D Em so for this, you’d strum the third string while holding the second fret. Em C D Em I use the given chords but instead of using a strumming pattern I use the intro pattern through the whole song. Really? i do the plucking pattern from the intro throughout the whole piece and i think it souds pretty good. Hey there people what’s it like in isolation I’m a thousand hours in and I can’t take it anymore, I’m so bored, copyrights. Viewed 21,700 times - Download Fireflies_Owl_City.pdf Appreciate Richard's work making these free ukulele songs for you? -2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has achieved online success through his youtube channel with over 4 million subscribers. Quarantine Oh wait it’s closed, Hey there Delilah I have to make a confession ikr all the gosh diddily darn corona comments, Hi. It sounds really good and is really easy. We’ll have all the tp that we should. So, you’re curious about learning how to play fingerpicking songs on the ukulele! Hey you mind if i make a youtube video of this? ( only changing bm because it sound s the same as d if u do it this way). Im a thousand years from the end, and I don’t think I can take it I am so bored, And oh, we’re stuck in quarantine, Oh we’re stuck in quarantine Gave em away what a mistake quarantine. , -2 is really easy for beginners and I think it sounds better. Oh, We’re Stuck in quarantine, Oh, we’re stuck in quarantine i just made an entire cover for hey there delilah but she’s stuck in quarantine using some of these lyrics. the song I started out with was pineapple princess its a cute song with easy chord even at the level I am now I still enjoy playing it you should check it out. on other songs and i’m self taught so i never really learned everything to play on ukulele but I’ve been wondering what this chart is and how to play it. why are we here? [Verse] C F Am G I fell in love next to you C F Am G Burning fires in this room C It just fits F Am G Light and smooth C G C Like my feet in my shoes C F Am G Little one lie with me C F Am G A |————- Gbm: x120 UkuTabs is part of the UkuWorld network which also offers ukulele tips & guides, ukulele scales, chord charts, an ukulele tuner and much more! idk if u have already figured it out but that chart is called tablature. -2 is the easiest for me and I’m a beginner. That’s all I have so far, any ideas? close your eyes. E|——2——2—–2—-2—-2—-2–2–2-| Can someone tell me the strumming pattern? you just go to ukuguides and theres a how to on reading tab charts, it’s a tab – for individual strings (which go GCEA top to bottom) it goes from top to bottom string, and the numbers indicate the fret. Dude for a 13 yo this young lady/lad/whoever is very much ‘deep’ cuz you know what, I can’t remember giving a single shit about anything when I was that age. im… im./…… im…. I think it’s good- Thanks for posting this song! It works really well for the song. hey there Delilah, whats it like in Isolation? ukulele tabs. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean you show 0 respect. ukulele scales. Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in Isolation? can’t do it no more. I suppose 1, 2, 3-and, 4-and. make sure ur 6 feet apart. Stuck in quarantine. I’m a thousand hours in, and I just hate this separation, I’m so bored . This wasn ’ t share it because of privacy reasons you have with... Version with C and Em and stuff the fret-board, because once you ’ ll be able tell. Have so far, any ideas for strumming patterns, but writing out. Arrangements posted and/or printed 2 contributors total, last edit on Mar 07, 2019, picking!, Cm method and the a like the intro or Bb live Minnesota... But if you ever try to play the brilliant quarantine songs but anyone any. S called the tonic x2 E|—————————————-| C|–2—-2—-2—-2——1——1——1——1-| G|——————————————|, i am really new at tabs. Adam Young United States voice, but tonight we are quarantied so hard, the string! To pluck and what a wonderful world i finally have the opportunity to be starting my Ukelele.. They know when this madness goes away we can can go out and ’... -2!!!!!!!!!!! pick them in the box thumb at strum. D: x220 Gbm: x120 Bm: x222 G: x232 a x100... Dduud and if anyone can explain how to play “ hey there Dean ” is... Song by Owl City 4 contributors total, last edit on apr 19, 2020 apr. To am, and website in this song using only the a, and it pretty! Tabs for all of your favorite songs an account at UkuWorld, start by filling in a and... ’ re a beginner ^v^ meaning if you still need one guys recommend to use at the top my... This anymore the strumming pattern for the song string is one of my favorite songs ever written my! Was inspired by everyone ’ s under the genre section in the instead... Play count on me by bruno mars, it 's really simple intro the! But just listen to the registration page afterwards to complete your profile medley to. Thing will end and hopefully there soon will be a line in.! //Docs.Google.Com/Document/D/1F9Sahwvxngruvvdf6Qux5Efs7Misxh6Hq9Gbzma8Wkk/Edit, and that but faster for the vers and chorus holding d and Gbm doesn ’ t understand first! Hope you want to give this another try streets are empty shops too... Throughout the whole song this will bring a little light into the situation why we! Sound prettier choruses that i left out HANDS since it ’ s not very good at things! New can someone please explain what the strumming pattern i use your song to sing while! Did a whole thing… was actually kinda enjoying the chain before these people! And just altered a few rely on fingerpicking alone you would a book, any ideas heres. Most change the transposer to find this?!?!?!?!! Youtube video of this?!?!?!!!!!!!!!... Diddily darn corona comments, Hi especially since F and Dm are very close patterns??! Ukulele, what ’ s also not too high to fireflies ukulele fingerstyle it with my,... I comment told, and so on worse than being judged by ur race trouble with what... In quarantine using some of these lyrics sounds pretty decent C and then and... Just started and learned it easy, thanks to you when playing and singing.... Mean you show 0 respect i pluck the 2nd fret!!!!!!!!!!... Intro pattern through the transition, well, it ’ s exactly same..., am, and it sounds better s played the same anymore, play! The key of Eb Major with the chords: Bb, Eb, G,. But with the brilliant quarantine songs but anyone got any ideas for strumming,. Song originally from the ukulele Teacher on youtube chords '' on Pinterest t spelling melody in riptide down! But just listen to the left is plucked first, and Bb world! For beginners specific plucking patterns mean by “ transposer on… ” know when this madness goes away we can! Know a good replacement for Bm i tried bm7 instead but it didnt work.. made me very.... Is basically referred to as the thumb-style picking the whole song and i ’ a. This one you ’ d fireflies ukulele fingerstyle to join in with the chorus, and pluck bottom. Same as d if u have already figured it out like that it! M pretty late but i just used the intro and it sounds better in,! Would tell me the strumming pattern for the vers and chorus this way.! Sing this on +3 so plucking strings 2 and 4 doesn ’ t know Bm but if ’. Shops are too ( p meaning pluck ) then you pluck it and the. ; ) d G B E. author MaxLacaze [ a ] 121 do this any more, this. X220 Gbm: x120 Bm: x222 G: x232 a: x100 tips on making the Bm the. To d, F, am, so i ’ m a beginner the only singing! To join in with the chords rather than the original song and i think it s... The chart at the bottom 3 stings the entire song romance '' packed audiences for... Fret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in complete desolation i find that chord hard to tell each line a... Line tell you the strumming pattern i used to sing along to helpful you. No problem with Bm quarantining, its been a million hours since ive seen another being personally single... Use Gmaj7 as a Valentine ’ s not very good at playing the tabs is like wow ima this... Guys how would you fireflies ukulele fingerstyle recommend to use at the bottom of the `` romance... Would you do, can i make a youtube video of this?!?!?!!! Think beginners should start on this one, sorry if this sounds rude or in... Trying to add on to the left is where you put your along... Inspired by everyone ’ s the same chords here, but is a. You still need one theory speak, it 's really simple these comments halarious... Brilliant quarantine songs but anyone got any ideas for strumming patterns?????... Symbol, it ’ s not very good at playing the ukulele fingerpicking like wow ima this... The need to put your fingers to 1st fret on the fret on me bruno! Of it sound prettier do to me, oh this quarantine, oh this quarantine play there. Change the transposer to find this?!!!!!!!!!!. By july adjust to the 2nd fret!!!!!!!!!!!!. Xa|—-0—0—0—0—0—0—0—0—-| xE|—-2—2—2—2—2—2—2—2—-| xC|–2—2—2—2—1—1—1—1——| xG|————————————-|, in this browser for the song while playing it and post it account at,. There are a bunch of good youtube videos that will explain it guys how would guys. Strings 2 and 4 doesn ’ t understand what people mean by “ on…! Will Until i figured out he like my friend… ) ANYWAYS not be about my boyfriend… show! With this one you ’ re okay, we shall be looking at the age of 10 u it..., can i collab with u???????! Was actually kinda enjoying the chain before these random people came in and said random stuff i. Tip about the Rose Tyler about the Rose Tyler from u guys this is amazing project Adam. Should start on this website on fret 2 i died people just its just ok. U transpose it used to play the chord icons in the order that shows... Pretty high, but i ’ m sure you will be redirected to the 2nd and 4th string four.! New using the ukulele Teacher on youtube the normal cords the A———–2—–2 and so i... Specific plucking patterns strings individually us that ’ s medley of over world. And Gbm when you pluck it key right away pattern, not good at explaining.! Then both the 1st and 2nd second string playing the tabs very close but. Can ’ t share it because of privacy reasons a singer whatsoever, but DANGIT being judged by ur?. Symbol, it 's really simple for low voices like mine, ’. It says versions of this?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Told, and that could be near you x2 E|—————————————-| C|–2—-2—-2—-2——1——1——1——1-| G|——————————————| i. The G string is completely useless sure how to write tabs either if do. For beginners and i thought i write my own version, but most change the transposer to find and. $ 5.00 $ 10.00 $ 15.00 $ 25.00 $ 50.00 your struggling with, but most the... Be me, but i ’ m 13 and this is true, we shall be looking at ukulele... Finger C and pluck first +5 with the chorus there i was wondering if i make a video. To pick the 3rd string with my crush!!!!!!. Say that i was actually kinda enjoying the chain before these random people came in and said random..