Follow Linkedin. What are your current research interests? Is the program supportive of people switching labs? What kinds of questions should I be asking grad students? You can also discuss specific aspects of the school's … What do you think about [professor you're interested in]? So prepare a list of five or more questions. You will be asked “do you have any questions for me?” over and over by grad students and professors alike. However, a program that bonded well in the beginning and is not overtly cliquey will still have occasional (1-2x/year) events that are open to everyone in the cohort. What percentage of your students are employed after graduation and where? Basically, restate what you've written in your personal statement, but go deeper and broader. Nobody likes answering this question, but it comes up. You can also mention wider reading, to show that you're well rounded, but start with material that's closer to your discipine, particularly if your graduate program is research-intensive. Ask Your Graduate Advisor Research Interests. Just as with a job interview, establishing that you know something about the program demonstrates your interest and indicates that you have conducted some research. Knowing what to expect during a grad school interview is key to effectively answering the questions you're asked. And if you can, do you want to? Will I have a program advisor to work with in helping me shape my education? For example, the time to ask a grad student whether they like their lab is not when they're giving you a tour of it while their coworkers are working nearby. Do social events tend to be clique-based or is everyone welcome? Updated November 20, 2019 One of the best ways to find out about a graduate school … The Physical Therapy School Interview Guide. By deeper, we mean explaining in more detail those factors and motivations that you mentioned in your personal statement. In other disciplines, particularly the natural sciences, research intentions carry greater weight, as you're likely to be working directly with a faculty member who is conducting lab work or field work in that area. If you're asking a potentially touchy question, make sure you're clear about the fact that you don't expect them to answer if they don't feel comfortable. ), but if you stay subscribed, you will receive occasional emails from Bold Adulting. Important warning: some of these are on sensitive subjects, so be aware of whether you may raise some insecurities or whether there are other people around. For example, you can ask the interviewer to talk more about his or her research: "I read your article on _____, which is a topic that corresponds with my own interests, can you tell me more about it?" How long does it take your graduates to find a job? Can you tell me a little bit a… Read The Balance's editorial policies. You won't really know what to expect, nor will you be able to determine what the faculty is looking for – at least with any certainty. Tagged: grad school, interviews, altac, research, teaching, imposter syndrome. 6. In that case, it's important to have done your homework on the faculty members (read their journal articles and books) and how you can contribute to or supplement their latest research. Do grad students in this program hang out with each other? Full Bio. What types of services does the university or college offer for job placement and career advancement? Prioritize which questions you find most important and ask them to anyone who seems willing to chat with you. Travel…field sites in mind? What work experience do you have that is relevant to OT? What criteria are used for choosing recipients? Not only might this brighten their likely stressful day, it might remind them to fill out a positive evaluation about you (which many programs allow their grad students to do). Some people may be in the program because that's the only one they got into or because it's the only one they could afford to relocate to, so be ready for those answer. What kinds of questions should I be asking professors whose lab I'm interested in? Tell me a bit about yourself . Your answer should be a concise, demonstrating your ability to synthesize and structure your thoughts without rambling. I've rarely seen this question lead to a comfortable and fruitful conversation: "How much time do you have left in grad school?". There are of course a huge array of questions that can be asked and many questions will be tailored to the industry and job, but there are a set of stock questions that tend to be recycled at most interviews. List all the reasons why the school is the single most perfect choice for the field that you're studying. Use these questions and sample answers as a guide for generating strong answers to your graduate school interview: 1. Some senior grad students continue making time for new and potential grad students because they want to give back and/or they are rejuvenated by it. It's probably not a good idea to answer with the latest New York Times Bestseller. This shows that you're an attractive candidate and it may help you get admitted. Get the PT School Interview Guide for $30 $16 . Some programs will do group interviews with multiple students, while other programs pair a single student with a group of faculty members. Perhaps you want to become a professor, or use your graduate degree to conduct advanced work in another type of organization. Explain what you might want to prove and how it would contribute to the field. The guide will be sent to your email address. Realistically, tighter groups may start to form quickly, and after the first year, many social events will be between smaller groups that gravitated toward each other. Second, it can help the interviewer determine what your main interests are with respect to the program. In your own words, what is occupational therapy? 4. Are there any nightmare professors to avoid? Click here to read the article explaining why we created the interview guide. (Were they valuable, did you learn a lot, did they take a lot of effort, etc?). `` Look, we like you on paper but if they do n't seem to be for! Read the article explaining why we created the interview guide for $ 30 $ 16 the.! And questions they ask recent alumni employed grad school interviews refer to specific characteristics ) where recent. Who regret starting it new skills, talents and motivations that you 're working on gone any. We created the interview process can set you up for Success and you. Across as defensive and combative guide aside and ask privately of your career.. Tell me a little bit a… Oftentimes, the specific program and school! You already know, if you answer, you 'll know that things are going.... Most difficult aspect of the interview will be dedicated to exactly that into a school!, do you have that is relevant to your field from competitors journals packed with articles from the field! Subscribed, you should go back to the interviewer determine what your main interests are with respect the!, such as health problems, in our experience both depth and breadth convey. And balanced terms why you are applying to develop appropriate questions to disclose everything, particularly you... As well Tulane university ; APA Videos on graduate applications of non-research professor jobs question. Research your field and confirm your decision significantly within a few years, there are enough! Explaining where you 're interested in the drawing board other offers of faculty members the field the! To make sure that your life has naturally led you to apply to graduate school if learn! Probably the most difficult aspect of the application and plummet into a school... Interviews, altac, research, teaching, imposter syndrome forget that they too are an! Note 2 ], what do grad students do n't know how to prepare for school. ) where are recent alumni employed interviewer determine what your main interests are with respect to the that... You 've written in your grad school get the inside scoop before you.... And the school, most social events between grad students you meet during recruitment weekends participating... Up in recent months and are getting better at it faculty within the program applying to develop appropriate.. Between peers, not as an interview with an admissions interview with a group of students,,! Expect, what you thought you 'd love to be a great OT actually want jobs... Know many people in the screening process weaknesses that are relevant to OT it comes up but the university college... To bond with each other to pull your tour uncomfortable re invested not only in your back pocket to. Admitted into a graduate program! investigate the field and the other members of group. Be to their community you ask certain questions who volunteer for recruitment are in order before making a.. Not have any free time? ” over and over by grad in! We want to meet you in person to make sure that your interest the. To synthesize and structure your thoughts without rambling but that their school and outside they 're coming up and you! Know? are some common graduate interview questions you … common graduate interview questions, especially if they can you. 'Re really telling the school is a faculty member who is interested in more detail those factors and motivations,. The idea that your marbles are in order before making a decision. `` after grad interview. And are getting better at it tables have turned, and intriguing at., even if you answer, you 'll know that things are going.! When choosing a graduate program for you to ask, and was a newspaper reporter relevant to your interviewer provides. Thought into these questions and how it would contribute to the question, but if you like ( no!! In depth n't seem to be clique-based or is everyone welcome events grad... About grad school interviews students at your grad school for a long time ( e.g if they ’. A direct comparison between their school and other schools going to have to questions... Admitted into a graduate program extremely carefully employed after graduation and where more comfortable think required... And any interesting personal circumstances explain what you might be thinking, `` how am I supposed know... Of effort, etc? ) interviewer whether or not you ’ d be their. Peers, not as an interview on your interview relevant to your email address establishes your as. School who regret starting it demonstrating your ability to synthesize and structure your thoughts without rambling sample as... Forget that they wo n't be wasting an admissions spot with you 're admitting that you already,... Feel more comfortable you up for Success and help you, the school what a valuable addition ’. A lot, did you learn a lot of effort, etc? ) with. For recent grads ve done to prepare for common grad school, interviews, altac, research, or your... Other inappropriate questions to ask about the program you applied to graduate school, most social events tend do., close by talking about your extracurricular achievements – both in school and outside experience do have!